Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Music Tuesday (June Twenty-Four Edition)

I love music. I love new music Tuesday. I've been waiting for Ed Sheeran's new album x for awhile now so it's been on constant repeat this morning.

But, I also must acknowledge Bay Area native G-Eazy who released his new album These Things Happen. I'm still bummed I missed him during Warped Tour two years ago but congrats to him because now he's really up there.

I hate the question, "What kind of music are you into?" It's actually a difficult question to answer because there's no specific genre I'm drawn towards. I will admit, I'm still getting used to screamo so give me a few years to catch up on that. But then I often get hit with the response, "No. There has to be one genre you really listen to." I don't want to come off like a douche so I say whatever pops up in my head first. But... I guess if you're reading this then you most likely know my secret.

I love love love recommendations (especially lately on Spotify, they've been promoting good artists). Who should I listen to?


  1. aaww.. such a very cute dog..!!!!!! and about the outfit, love the pants! it is exactly what im looking for!
    follow to follow..? let me know, follow me and i will follow you back immediately..

    1. Hi! Yes, I'd love to follow you! Did you mean on bloglovin.. google plus... Haha. I'm so bad at this!

  2. love your outfit ! I just saw it in the new post the way you were wearing it and you rock ! Love it :)


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