Saturday, January 18, 2014

So, where have you been.....

Ha. Yup. It happened. It just so happened that I got caught up in school and didn't have time to blog (which always happens)! But, hey. Last semester was crazy busy since I happened to be part of my school's journalism news program so I literally had no time to do anything including hanging out with my friends.

However, it's a new year. New semester. Last semester of being in college. YIKES. 

I'm not ready to graduate. I'm not ready to do anything. I'm still a lazy kid. People actually want me to do something with my life?

I wasn't all that lame last semester. I actually picked up a gig thanks to my advanced multimedia class and got to "go behind the scenes" with some local bands. Reminder: I'm a NorCal girl. The bay. So I featured mostly Bay Area bands and they were awesome. I'm considering picking this up as a full-time thing. You know. When I get an actual good camera that I can call my own without borrowing a friend's.

Here's an example of a band I interviewed with my friend. They're called KWeekend:

Whatya think?

Monday, August 19, 2013

The common "back to school" post

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6

Yuck. I can't believe summer is already gone. I technically still have one more full day but it'll be just like the rest of my days: Netflix, bloglovin, Twitter. This summer was fun and all but I'm just about ready to get my last school year ever done with. It's weird to think that after this year, I'm done with school. No more taking tests. No more math problems. No more science questions I'll never understand yet I managed to get A's in. 

Above are the exact items I purchased while making that "Back to school" shopping trip. I was convinced by an article by College Fashion to try the revlon "Black Cherry" lipstick (I didn't realize it didn't even show the name on the link!) I'm always a fan of lipstick so I can't wait to try that out when it official turns into Fall. 

The brandy skirt is something I needed especially since I feel like I'll be super lazy this school year I need this skirt to throw on almost every single day. I hope no one will notice... 

I'm a sucker for planners even if everything is written on my iCal that happens to be synced to my phone. I don't feel safe until I have something written down in five different places. I guess that's OCD, no? 

The rest are pretty self explanatory. After long days, I need to wipe off my makeup when I don't want to make the trip to the sink. The hand sanitizer... Need I say more? There's germs everywhere! 

What's on your back to school list? Or... if you're not in school anymore, what was the most important thing you always had to have at the start of the school year? 


Friday, August 16, 2013

Tees are a Tease.

Band tees are a tease when you go to a concert. You know you want a lasting memory but breaking your wallet for a $40 shirt that just has a plain band logo on it? At the time it seems totally worth it and then after a while.. Cleaning out your closet.. You're just thinking (or at least I know I'm thinking), why?

However, most of my band tees I own I tend to cherish for life. I'm a victim of obsessive band tees disorder (OBTD), I mean.. If that actually exists. I have tons but I always run out of ways to wear them.  (My most recent purchase was from the Jonas Brothers concert this past Tuesday) I do the usual: high-waisted shorts, boyfriend jeans, black pants. Oh, and I can't forget the occasional circle skirt. 

S.O.S. How do you guys style your band tees? Or if you don't have any band tees, who would be your first purchase? 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Body of a 20 year old... Music taste of a 10 year old..

Yes, I have a guilty pleasure for pop sounding, radio-replaying, type of music. Don't judge me! I have a mindset of a five year old. That's all. There were maaany more choices but then editing would take forever. 

Most of these I found through Spotify so.. a big thank you to spotify for knowing my likes and recommending great music!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby.

Every now and then I have this ONE SONG that's stuck in my head the whole week (or month.. depends on how it goes). I'm sure I'm not the only one. This week? Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus.

Did you watch it? I hoped you watched it. Did the lead girl look familiar? Well, duh. It's Mena Suvari. The song was released in 2000 and on the soundtrack of the movie, Loser which is a movie I actually need to watch ASAP. The whole music video just screamed "grunge. grunge. grunge!" to me and anything with good music, 90s-related, etc. has got me sold.

So... This came about because I've been having One Direction concert withdrawals and this was my favorite number they did (I mean besides all their originals!) I didn't look at the setlist before the show so when Harry (we're on a first name basis... not.) announced they're performing, I freaked! I wondered if a lot of the concertgoers at the time knew this song. 

No one should ever follow me on Spotify. You'll see the same song being played on my feed. Two cheers for the underdog! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Treasure. That is what you are.

July 25, 2013 - Bruno Mars Concert (SAP Center)

Ooooooh wooo-aaaaaaaah. 

So I won these tickets a few months back on a local radio station. A few months later, I was trying to win tickets for another event they were hosting. Little did I know they were actually giving away tickets to the Bruno Mars concert PLUS a meet&greet with the one and only, Ellie Goulding. I gave the other pair of tickets to my brother but I kept the "pee-in-my-pants" worthy meet and greets for my sister and I. 

I wasn't expecting the concert to be so much fun full of dancing and lots of singing. To my surprise.. I forgot I knew a lot of Bruno Mars songs. He is an unbelievable entertainer and I usually don't find him attractive but that night, I had a huge crush on him. My favorite part was when he sang throwback slow jams. My feelings. 

As for meeting Ellie, it was a lot more intimate type of meeting than any other I've been to. She's not that much taller than me I might add but she is so gorgeous in person even after she just got off stage literally minutes before meeting us. I had no idea what to say to her and I couldn't even contain my fangirl-ness. My sister basically made fun of me the whole time afterwards.. But whatever. It's freaking ELLIE GOULDING. 

The first thing I said? "Hi Ellie. I have the biggest girl crush on you." Smooth...


Friday is Forever.

July 28, 2013 - We The Kings (The Regency Ballroom)

It all started summer 2011 where I fell in love with We The Kings. They were performing at the Alameda County Fair  and truth be told, I only knew Check Yes Juliet at the time. 

Fast forward to know and I'm obsessed with this band! Hunter. Travis. Coley. Danny. Charles. Eeep! The opening acts were T. Mills, Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set, and Keep It Cute. Unfortunately, SF traffic + girl time getting ready had us miss The Ready Set and Keep It Cute. Nonetheless, the other two were such good opening acts. I never really listened to any of them as much as I should but they were all danceable, easy-going, and good looking here and there. (Let's just say.. the hashtag for that night was #thirstyfortmills

My absolute favorite part of a concert is when you start from the very back and somehow get pushed to the very front of the stage. By the last song of their set, I was smack dab in front of Travis. The only thing I hated was how much it felt like a sauna in there and how some people in the front weren't even dancing! How can you not be dancing?! Heck, I'm no professional dancer but I was jumping like crazy. 

It's my life goal to be that ONE PERSON IN THE CROWD that they choose to come up and they sing to them. Travis did some sort of cute made up date on stage and I was completely jealous of the girl that got called on. 

ONE DAY. One day. 


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