Friday, August 22, 2014

All I need's a little love in my life

Last minute decisions are the greatest, aren't they? The hour before doors were about to open, I decided to take a leap of faith and attend the "Broken Heart Tour" over at Slim's in San Francisco. Great choice, Ash. Great choice.

You know, I was debating about whether to go to this for months when I first found out tickets were on sale. The most I knew about Rixton was their hit song "Me and My Broken Heart." That's all! Then I found out T. Mills was opening up for them and I just thought, "Okay, now I have to go." 

I was seriously debating this all because of the open act. That doesn't really surprise me too much because I went the Evanescence concert one year purely to catch The Pretty Reckless open up for them. BUT I DIGRESS... 

I unfortunately missed the first opening act, Michael & Marisa, and only caught the last three songs for T. Mills. Ultimate fail but I mean, at least I caught "All I Wanna Do"? That makes up for something. I first saw T. Mills when he opened up for We The Kings (I think last year?) and my friends and I naturally swooned over him. He's slowly getting up there though so props to him!

While waiting for Rixton to hit the stage, I was failing miserably at trying to describe the band to my friend who had no idea of this band's existence. I tried singing the song and all she said was, "Um.. Maybe I'll wait for them to sing it." Yeah...... I don't blame her. My dad didn't give me the singing genes. Their merch was really affordable but since I didn't know what I was getting into, I didn't feel like committing to a t-shirt. Looking back now... I should have copped the black/white/teal Rixton tour tee. Oh, well. Saved myself $25 for some Corona and In & Out. 

The 4 lads hopped the stage and the crowd, primarily tweens as I like to call them, screamed at the top of their longs just like every other crowd does right when a performer gets on stage. Le sigh. I remember those days when I would push my way to the front and scream just like them. I mean, I still do that. But it's kind of awkward when I go by myself and you know a random 21 year old in the midst of 12 year olds. ...OK. 

I'm not gonna go into great detail of every single song they played but can I just say that Jake Roche knows how to entertain a crowd? I've been to my fair share of concerts and Jake literally gets in your face... Literally as in he (I think, I'm short so I couldn't really see) kissed/made out with a girl during the song Make Out. I couldn't stop laughing. 

I think the best remark Jake made had to be about the limited dance moves men have. It's so true. Being that they're from Manchester, American culture is completely foreign to them. He went on to say he's seen an odd dance move which looks like "windshield wipers." Agh, I wish there was a GIF and if there is one, I wish I knew what to google because I honestly don't know the name of it. I just know I'm guilty of doing this dance... Sometimes. 

There was your average twerking concert and fair share of covers which I LOVED because it included R. Kelly's song "Ignition" pluuuus Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved." The covers were about 20 seconds long but hey it was good enough for me and good enough for the 15 second time limit for Instagram. 

Problem (cover)
Beautiful Excuses
Hotel Ceiling
Wait On Me
Battlefield (Cover)
Ignition (Cover)
Thong Song (Cover)
She Will Be Loved (Cover)
Make Out 

-- Guitar battle between Charley & Danny --

We All Want the Same Thing
Snippet of Niggas in Paris
Me and My Broken Heart

I was really typing the setlist on my phone but turns out, after the show, you know when people stand in front of the stage in hopes to score something that the band used? I'm guilty of doing this. The tech guys threw one of the setlists out into the crowd even though I was clearly right in front of him with no one near me to compete with. Well, I actually did jump for that setlist and ended up coming up with a half ripped list. Sorry to the girl who had to rip the other half underneath my pit.

The band put on a really GOOD show. They got me dancing, cheering -- Oh! And they filmed their music video their too. So, I'm hoping I got my ten seconds of fame right there. I need to feel cool. 

Would I go see this band again? Yes. In a heartbeat. Especially now that I know their names (I kept referring them to "The one with the plaid" "The drummer boy") and they're all over the age of 21. I'm A-OK with that.

Check out the super, uber cool HQ photos from my top of the line iPhone 5. 

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  1. I've never heard of this band, but I listened to 'Me and my broken heart' you posted and I love it! I'm definitely gonna play it on repeat for a while. I'm glad you had a good time.



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