Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I gladly accept this nomination...

If you really haven't seen any of these videos, you're living under a rock. I mean, this has been posted seriously on every social media platform ever and it's causing a great battle on my Twitter feed. 

In case you're curious and you need a laugh, here are more celebrity #IceBucketChallenges. BUT! Here are the better ones... Which are the fails. 

Hit the more button for more about the great debate.

What I seemed to notice is that it seems like just about every celebrity are friends with another celebrity. Granted, they do movies and television shows together but it's just so cool and weird to me. BUT BESIDES THE POINT...
I've seen two types of tweets:

I understand both sides but I guess you could say I'm torn. I mean, it's great we're finally gaining awareness about ALS. Even the official website (alsa.org) is promoting the act. But of course we have to point out, we are in a drought. I have seen some videos such as Charlie Sheen's who uses actual money instead of water to drop on top of his head or Troian Bellisario who actually pointed out the drought in her video and stood in a bucket to recycle the water to use on her fiance, Patrick Adams.

The way I see it... I don't know how to see it. That's the thing. I really truly hope that people who are nominated are actually making a donation and are not just using this as an outlet to be one viral video that they can be part of. This is not a meme, people. Honestly, to the participants who just do the video, nominate friends, don't have at least a slight bit of knowledge of the disease and have no intention on making a donation... Screw you.

Yeah. We're in a drought. Yeah. We can ask, "What's the point of throwing water on ourselves?" But think about last year how no one would think twice about ALS. The video is getting its point across by encouraging people to google what the disease is and think twice about donating. People can opt out of the water bucket part, true... Okay now I'm having a conflicting conversation in my head. I honestly don't know where I stand. I know everyone should have a stance but can't there be a Team Switzerland for these kinds of situations?

Has anyone ever read Tuesdays with Morrie? Or, watched the movie? Both made me crumble to pieces. Morrie had ALS aka Lou Gehrig's disease and just simply READING the book made me curious to know what it's all about. It's an awful disease and I strongly believe anyone who is going through it is a fighter.

My two cents on this debate... Whatever you do. Do it for the cause. Don't do it to up your street cred. Don't do it because you want your crush to see you in an itty bitty bikini and wet. Don't do it if you just wanna fit in. Do it because you actually care whether it be donating or pouring a bucket on top of your head. Don't be a f------ douche. Educate yourself. Google what it is you're doing or donating to. "Be a decent human being," as said by Melanie Iglesias.

Yo, but really. Tell me. What's your take on it? This isn't some beg for some comments but I really want to know people's stance.

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