Friday, August 16, 2013

Tees are a Tease.

Band tees are a tease when you go to a concert. You know you want a lasting memory but breaking your wallet for a $40 shirt that just has a plain band logo on it? At the time it seems totally worth it and then after a while.. Cleaning out your closet.. You're just thinking (or at least I know I'm thinking), why?

However, most of my band tees I own I tend to cherish for life. I'm a victim of obsessive band tees disorder (OBTD), I mean.. If that actually exists. I have tons but I always run out of ways to wear them.  (My most recent purchase was from the Jonas Brothers concert this past Tuesday) I do the usual: high-waisted shorts, boyfriend jeans, black pants. Oh, and I can't forget the occasional circle skirt. 

S.O.S. How do you guys style your band tees? Or if you don't have any band tees, who would be your first purchase? 



  1. I love band tees. I always pair them with skinny jeans and a pair of chucks and I'm good to go.


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