Monday, August 19, 2013

The common "back to school" post

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Yuck. I can't believe summer is already gone. I technically still have one more full day but it'll be just like the rest of my days: Netflix, bloglovin, Twitter. This summer was fun and all but I'm just about ready to get my last school year ever done with. It's weird to think that after this year, I'm done with school. No more taking tests. No more math problems. No more science questions I'll never understand yet I managed to get A's in. 

Above are the exact items I purchased while making that "Back to school" shopping trip. I was convinced by an article by College Fashion to try the revlon "Black Cherry" lipstick (I didn't realize it didn't even show the name on the link!) I'm always a fan of lipstick so I can't wait to try that out when it official turns into Fall. 

The brandy skirt is something I needed especially since I feel like I'll be super lazy this school year I need this skirt to throw on almost every single day. I hope no one will notice... 

I'm a sucker for planners even if everything is written on my iCal that happens to be synced to my phone. I don't feel safe until I have something written down in five different places. I guess that's OCD, no? 

The rest are pretty self explanatory. After long days, I need to wipe off my makeup when I don't want to make the trip to the sink. The hand sanitizer... Need I say more? There's germs everywhere! 

What's on your back to school list? Or... if you're not in school anymore, what was the most important thing you always had to have at the start of the school year? 



  1. I don't go to school anymore, but I am still bummed out that summer is near its end :-(

  2. cool!


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