Friday, July 4, 2014

From the Bay to LA... In a Day.

- Sapporo Ramen & Shabu Shabu (First timer!) -

- Porto's in Glendale -

- Bathroom break -

- Talented artists at the fair -

 - My poor view of Ashanti -

- Alameda County Fair -

- Alameda County Fair -

- Alameda County Fair -

- Alameda County Fair a.k.a. the spinning wheel of doom -

- Alameda County Fair -

- Hands down the best fried shrimp tacos in the world -

- Alameda County Fair -

I'm pooped. Or, was pooped. 

On Wednesday, my friend and I did a day trip to LA from the Bay Area for a job interview. It was the biggest "yolo" thing I've done this summer but it was fun. We seriously left at midnight, got there around 5 am, and then drove back at 1 pm. I mean, I had to make it in time for the Ashanti concert. 

I think it's just so surreal knowing here I am searching and applying for a career. You know? When I was younger, I always thought this moment would come much later. Yeah. Nope. It hit me in the face way too fast. This means I have to get married soon. .... loljk.

As for the Ashanti concert, it was so good listening to her sing the songs I grew up to. She still got it. I never once thought I would ever see her in concert nor did I know she was STILL making music. (Guilty) But, after what I heard at the concert, I'll be checking out the rest of her album on Spotify. The feels, man. The feels.

It was crazy knowing that at one point of the day, I was in LA. Next thing you know, I'm back in the Bay Area. Car seats are never comfortable and it sucks when you don't have an aux cord so you have to rely on changing the CD when you're done listening to it. After the fifteenth time. 


  1. I Love LA!!

    1. I love LA too! I just hate the traffic ]:

  2. i definitely need to hit up some of these spots next time i'm in LA!


  3. this made me hungry! nice pics :)


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