Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Game is On!

It's about 7:40 AM right now and I'm pretty sure majority of what I type will be edited like crazy due to my lack of caring at this moment. 

It's been about a month since I last posted and that's not because I've been massively busy. (OK. That's a lie, I've been a bit busy but I could get to that in another post.) But, it's because I felt as if this was a chore. Before you get started and start the whole "Then this isn't for you. Blogging shouldn't be a chore" speech...

Hold your horses.
I had to add a jump break because Lord knows how many people's attention I managed to reach. It's amazing that I've gotten this far. FAIR WARNING: This is a lengthy post and to those who are sticking around, thanks! I promise my next blog posts will be much shorter. Scout's honor.

I've always wished I could be some huge fashion blogger just like Jane Aldrige (SEAOFSHOES) who happens to be the very first blog I've read. That was when I was back in high school when I took a fashion blogging summer course at the Academy of Art. I loved interviewing, creating new content, and what not. I love fashion. I really do. But I'm not skilled or knowledgable about what's on the runways this year (or any other year) and I can't spot the difference between an '09 Calvin Klein piece from '13. I can't lie to myself and say I'm an expert as much as I would like to be. 

But what I am fully bat crazy about is entertainment. Music, pop culture, television, everything about it. For some odd reason, I was always stuck with the idea that blogs had to solely be about fashion (tunnel vision). This morning I basically had an epiphany after reading this EW post and a separate LinkedIn post. In a nutshell, the message I got out of both was the whole "Stay true to what you know" la-de-da. You know, the usual. 
Well, what I do know is that I keep up with television shows in an obsessive, unhealthy way; I do the same with music. I attend a LOT of concerts and events as well. (However, I feel like I haven't been to one in ages, or so it seems)

Other than previously wanting to be a fashion blogger, I have bigger dreams of owning my own entertainment website one day and this is a step, right? What better way to take a knack at it by starting on a blog rather than committing to something big, so soon. Nowadays EVERYONE IS A CRITIC. It's easy to hop on the internet and shed light about something you hate or love. That's what I intend to do, in some matter. I just hope you'll enjoy and share your inputs on what I have to say. I'm not some writer for EW or any other big publication (I do, however, write for thisthis and this). I'm a 21 year old who just has a lot of time on her hands --- until I find a job at least --- who loves entertainment. Now is that a crime? There really is no rulebook to blogging except make sure you're spelling things correctly. I may sound repetitive or write like a ten year old but hey, I'm learning!  

I know I commented like crazy on other fashion bloggers and I'll still remain loyal to those of whom I follow and read but this blog needs a change. Not to mention, I barely go out everyday so I find it burdensome to throw on an outfit just because I need to take a photo "for the gram" as my friends would say. But blogging about entertainment?! Hello, PJs and unbrushed hair!!! 

But let me point out again, I do love fashion. I get inspired by television shows and what they wear. The period filming takes place. Their hair. Everything. Maybe I'll continue my posts about inspired fashion looks like I did here and there. Those were fun. Waiting until I go out to post a fashion photo? Not so fun. 

Now I'm rambling and it's 8:00 AM. Jeez, I have no life. I'm most likely about to put my phone down and go back to sleep. Or, I may finally start the TV show Firefly that I've been attempting to start but dread the 50 minute long episodes. 

EDITORS NOTE: I ended up finishing Kill Bill: Vol. 2 instead

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  1. Jane was one of the first bloggers I followed too back in '09...her and Rumi, complete trailblazers! Best if you commit to blogging just for YOU hun, the rest will fall into place ;D

    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog


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