Thursday, August 7, 2014

Post-Comic Con withdrawals.

San Diego Comic Con was about two weeks ago but I still talk about it like it was yesterday. I still can't believe I was fortunate to attend this year! (Can you hear my inner geek come out?) I had the unbeieveable chance to do a bit of coverage for the site I work for, The Daily Quirk.

Here are some things for your viewing pleasure (I mean, if you care and you're into these kinds of things):

  • VIDEO: Interview with Mark Ghanime who stars in SyFy's show Helix
  • VIDEO: Cast of The Maze Runner press conference 
  • VIDEO: A recap video about mtvU's First Ever Fandom Award Show
  • ARTICLE: An article about the cast of Penny Dreadful's at Comic Con
  • VIDEO: Interview with Vikings stars Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen 

I'm telling you now, there are tons of more videos & articles to check out here! ... Shameless plug.

ANYWAYS. If you've never been to SDCC, I recommend you go once in your life. I can go on and on giving you reasons on why you should go but you probably heard them all. I really wish I attended in the past when it wasn't so congested as it is now. Either way, this was something to cross off my bucket list. There were so many things I didn't get the chance to experience since I was stuck in the press area all day everyday... But I really can't complain. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, I'm secretly wishing it's not.

I realized spotting celebrities there was really like playing a game of Where's Waldo. The place was crawling with celebrities that I think I've grown out of my fangirling stage of my life.

....OK that was a lie. My fangirling-ness will never stop.

I can type for days on end about the event but I promised no more long posts. More poor quality phone photos after the jump! There were too many to choose from. 

- Random signage -

- Epic cosplayer -

- Thor -

- Power Rangers -

- Cast and Crew behind Nickelodeon's Sanjay & Craig -

- Daniel Radcliffe promoting his movie Horns -

- The Cast of Maze Runner -

- The Cast of Maze Runner -

- Cast of The Book of Life -

- Ron Perlman & Guillermo del Toro -

- Hannah Ware and Zachary Quinto of Hitman: Agent 47 -

- The Cast of Kingsman: The Secret Service -

- The Cast of Let's Be Cops -

- Freddie Highmore aka Norman Bates from Bates Motel -

- MTV Fanfest -

MTV Fanfest -

MTV Fandom Awards feat. Tyler Oakley -

- Cast members from Game of Thrones -

- Tina Majorino -

- Nathan Kress -

- Judah Friedlander promoting Sharknado 2 -

- Vivica A. Fox promoting Sharknado 2 -
- Julie Benz promoting Defiance -

- Spencer Grammer and Chris Parnell talking about Rick and Morty -

- The Triumph/McBrayer Sitcom crew feat. Jack McBrayer, Robert Smigel, & Michael Koman -

- Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland the heads behind Rick and Morty -

- Travis Fimmel & Clive Standen talking about Vikings -

- Alexander Ludwig & Katheryn Winnick promoting Vikings -

- All hail Ragnar Lothbrok -

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  1. omg Comic Con looks so incredible, I need to go next year! x


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