Thursday, September 4, 2014

I don't want another pretty face.

It's like I was brought back to seventh grade all in one night.

The week of Jesse McCartney's concert, I totally forgot all about it. My friend had to text me a reminder (or more of an invite) and the day of, I bought my ticket. Oh, thank goodness I did.

We hit up The Fillmore around 8:30ish or so and the line was gone. My other friend was texting me how they weren't let in until a little past 8:00. I guess the good thing is that we beat standing out in the cold? I totally forgot who the first opening act was but the second act was Guinevere. Never heard of her before, but she was good and she did an Outkast "Hey Ya" cover so... That pretty much sold me. She threw out these polaroids of her and I swear to you, at first glance, she looks like Beyonce.

Moving on... The wait was killer. Jesse finally hit the stage at around 10:20. (Why must you make me wait?) I didn't think I'd fangirl TOOO much but I was totally wrong. Right when he was on stage, I just lost it. I lost it even more when I realized I knew way more lyrics than I thought I did. "Body Language", "She's No You", "Tie The Knot." Oh, goodness. I majorly apologize to anyone near me. I was a tad intoxicated plus my fangirlness took over so needless to say... It was bad.

Prior to Jesse performing his set, there were a few girls my friend and I met in the bathroom and we literally had a conversation about Dreamstreet. DREAMSTREET. If I could show you myself from 4th grade, I would be Dreamstreet-ed out. I had The Biggest Fan dvd, collected every CD, and everything! The first time I saw them in concert, I didn't even know who they were. That's when they opened up for Aaron Carter. Ridiculous!

I'm not going to lie. I had the HUGEST crush on Chris Trousdale. That's the main reason why I even owned a copy of The Biggest Fan. (Fun Fact: He was on an episode of Shake It Up on Disney as a dancer... So weird to see him on that) Who would have known the little rapper of "Hooked On You" would be a huge hit fourteen years later? 14 years later or not, Jesse has STILL. GOT. IT. He still can make my heart swoon like he did when I was about 12 years old. 
As per usual, I made a beeline to the front of the stage near the end of his last song for the setlist. I came out a winner, winner, chicken dinner. I just want to say, if a worker of The Fillmore happens to come across this entry, thanks for making eye contact and listening to my request. You rock, never change. 
What didn't rock was the fact we waited three hours outside the venue for Jesse... Only to be told three hours later that he left although they told us he would be doing signatures........ So, yeah. That happened. 
Enjoy my iPhone quality photos:

- This is the part where Jesse thinks he could take a selfie with everyone, lol -


  1. omg I'm so jealous I would of loved this!! Hope you had a fab time xx

  2. I love Jesse!!!! ^.^ i enjoy reading your post!
    would like to follow each other..? follow me and let me know, i will follow back.. keep in touch! - Glam is Everything


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