Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oy. Here we go again.

Okay okay. I really need to get in the habit of posting everyday. I have so many things to post but I get lazy to actually do it. (Story of my life.) It's August already and I'm starting school again in a few weeks. Where in the world did my summer go?

Over the past few weeks during my hiatus, I've been to the Philippines, attended many concerts, and completely bummed it at home. I know, I'm asking myself why I didn't just blog away my life while I was bumming it. I'm questioning myself too..

It was just yesterday when my dear friend Elizabeth finally started her own YouTube channel, ThinkOfGlitter. Check it out! (I attached it on the bottom also just in case you're lazy) I'm really excited for her and what's to come. She motivated me to kick myself in the arse and get started with my life. So, naturally I took a stab at it and I decided to start my own clothing line.

It's really basic actually. I'm thinking of calling it BASH. The background behind the name? Nothing to it really. I'm known for being called ashleeeybash. So instead of name branding my name with my actual name, let's just cut it down. I'm in the process of talking to a vendor and producing one design.. I'm not going to go too crazy just yet. I just want to hear people's feedback and if people actually like it. For now, it's all typography but people go crazy for it! Have you seen how people snatch clothing from Brandy Melville?

It's always been my dream to start some sort of fashion line. Ask anyone who went to high school with me. I lived and breathed fashion up until .. basically forever when I realized I can't draw for shit(aki mushrooms). But that shouldn't stop be. I know how to work with the computer at least. Over the next few days I'll recap on my concerts I've been to with reviews and my adventures.

Fair warning. I am twenty and yes, I am a fangirl.


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