Saturday, January 18, 2014

So, where have you been.....

Ha. Yup. It happened. It just so happened that I got caught up in school and didn't have time to blog (which always happens)! But, hey. Last semester was crazy busy since I happened to be part of my school's journalism news program so I literally had no time to do anything including hanging out with my friends.

However, it's a new year. New semester. Last semester of being in college. YIKES. 

I'm not ready to graduate. I'm not ready to do anything. I'm still a lazy kid. People actually want me to do something with my life?

I wasn't all that lame last semester. I actually picked up a gig thanks to my advanced multimedia class and got to "go behind the scenes" with some local bands. Reminder: I'm a NorCal girl. The bay. So I featured mostly Bay Area bands and they were awesome. I'm considering picking this up as a full-time thing. You know. When I get an actual good camera that I can call my own without borrowing a friend's.

Here's an example of a band I interviewed with my friend. They're called KWeekend:

Whatya think?

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